YouTubers Who Write Books

I’m pretty sure all of you had forgotten
what my hair looks like looks like this
on a good day hey guys my name is Sarah
and lots of youtubers have been writing
books lately most recent youtuber to do
this has been caught her friend he
announced that he would have a book out
in the middle of April and I’ve actually
pre ordered that book this announcement
came as a shock to like Noah however
because of this book announcement I have
been thinking a lot about YouTube
culture and youtubers writing books and
how those to connect and I’m going to
make a video about that so it is no
secret that youtubers are becoming more
and more like mainstream celebrities and
this has its pros and it’s cons on one
hand youtubers are getting a lot more
opportunities and the media is taking
YouTube as a whole more seriously
however YouTube is also becoming a lot
more commercial and maybe even losing
the very things that make it special as
youtubers become a lot more like
mainstream celebrities the difference
between bigger youtubers and smaller
youtubers increases the fact that famous
youtubers are starting to write books
now is a very good example of how they
are becoming much more like mainstream
media stars don’t get me wrong youtubers
just got famous doing what I’m doing
right now but they’re definitely modern
celebrities see when people complain
about larger youtubers getting book
deals because well they’re youtubers it
makes me stop and think because Tina Fey
and Amy Poehler have both gotten book
deals recently and they definitely did
not get those book deals because of
their writing skills but no one soups to
question that in the same way no shame
to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler by the way
they’re great and well there is that
side to it and people need to accept
that youtubers are going to become
mainstream media stars whether we like
it or not I do think that if a youtuber
chooses to accept a book deal they need
to write because it’s what they want to
do even though it’s much easier for them
to get a book deal now they should not
write a book simply because their brand
is now going to sell it that’s not a
reason to write a book or do anything
quite frankly this is why I’m sometimes
hesitant to buy books written by larger
youtubers I want to know that the book
that I’m buying wasn’t just written to
make money it was written to tell a
story so when things like zoella strong
line come up I get very bothered by it
if you don’t know the beauty guru named
zoella published a book that was almost
entirely ghost her I understand that she
had a story that you wanted to tell but
I feel like she didn’t deserve that book
deal because she didn’t even write what
she put out her name
on it but in her work and that smells
dishonest to me if you can’t write and
don’t even want to try then I don’t
think you should write a book do
something else creatively I like that
youtubers are branching out in what they
do and how they’re reaching people and
I’m all for people writing books so that
I can read them I just want people to be
writing books because they want to and
not because it’ll sell that’s all I have
for today like this video if you enjoyed
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