Writing Tips & Information : What Is a Ghostwriter?

hi i’m laura from
youngwritersworkshops.com I’m going to
talk a little bit about what is a ghost
writer a ghost writer can be a lot of
different things generally it’s defined
as someone who writes as a support
person without a byline for another
writer so hence the term ghost because
they’re sort of like in the shadows not
being seen and yet doing some of the
writing ghost writers can provide
editing they can do one section of a
book they could take the entire story
dictated by someone and then do all in
turn it into a published piece of work
ghostwriting can also take place for
something like a drama or a play it
could be a person who writes the script
based on someone else’s novel so there’s
a lot of different ways that ghost
writers work but in general a ghost
writer is someone who writes without any
other person gets the credit so that is
what is the ghost writer