Tutorial: TextMaster Content-Erstellung

to get started just go to text master
calm and login at the top of the page
once logged in you’ll see a personal
dashboard that shows your projects and
credit balance the top menu allows you
to access different features like
invoices customer support and messages
use the big plus sign to quickly create
a new project or buy more credits to get
started just click the big blue button
copywriting projects have three simple
steps enter the title this is the title
of the entire project for example travel
industry blog posts select the language
in category you can give your own
briefing or use our template as a guide
add a task for each document that you
want written for example if you want to
blog posts about vtv travel and b2c
travel create a text for each one and
specify the number of words in the
keyword section only enter the keywords
that must appear in the article
separated by a comma if you want to give
writers a choice of keywords write them
in the instruction box instead if you
have examples or other attachments
upload them here
next choose your service level the
regular level is best for simple text or
web content brochures or other types of
business documents we recommend the
premium level if you have a complex
document or multiple files it’s a good
idea to select the extra proofreading
option to have a second pair of eyes
selecting the priority order option will
on average reduce the completion time by
thirty percent for specialized fields
like legal medical or financial we
recommend selecting the expertise option
and for photoshop or indesign files we
suggest the complex format option you
can also assign your project to your
favorite text masters if there are
multiple files you have the option of
choosing to have only one person work on
all the files this means more
consistency but it can take longer you
can specify other aspects that you want
to see in the final text at no extra
charge when you’re ready click order to
launch your project you can see the
status of your projects on the project
dashboard to approve a file click on the
project and then the task download the
submitted text
and if you’re happy with it right the
translator and approve the file if you
need a revision you can ask for directly
in this window in the discussion tab