Tutorial: Il servizio di Revisione di TextMaster

to get started just go to text master
calm and login at the top of the page
once logged in you will see a personal
dashboard that shows your projects and
credit balance the top menu allows you
to access different features like in
Royce’s customer support and messages
use the big plus sign to quickly create
a new project or buy more credits to get
started just click the big blue button
just upload a file or copy paste your
text the platform will automatically
count the words in your document choose
your language then your service level
the regular level is best for simple
text for web content brochures or other
types of business documents we recommend
the premium level selecting the priority
order option will on average reduce the
completion time by thirty percent for
specialized fields like legal medical or
financial we recommend selecting the
expertise option and for Photoshop or
InDesign files we suggest the complex
format option on the next screen give
your project a name enter the
instructions for the proofreader and
select the relevant category there are
multiple files you have the option of
choosing to have only one proofreader
work on all of them this will mean more
consistency but it will take longer you
can also assign the project to your
favourite proofreaders you can specify
other aspects that you want to see in
the final text at no extra charge when
you’re ready click order to launch your
project you can see the status of your
projects on the project dashboard to
approve a file click on the project and
then the task download the submitted
and if you’re happy with it right the
translator and approve the file if you
need a revision you can ask for directly
in this window in the discussion tab