Switching from RefMan to Citavi

it’s easy to switch from reference
manager to suit avi in this video will
show you how the transfer information
from your reference manager database
including all your PDF files will start
in reference manager on the file menu
click export then select a file name and
the location to save your file click OK
make sure that wrist is selected as the
output format and make sure that you’ve
selected all references and list then
click export reference manager lets you
know that the export has been completed
will click new project and enter a new
project name once the project has been
created you can import your reference
manager database click file and then
click import choose another reference
management program and then click next
choose reference manager via wrist
export and if you don’t see it click add
filter to add this filter will then
select the file that we created in the
first step and click Next so taavi
searches through the database and
imports the references and you can even
see if you have a duplicate in your
project I will click Add to project and
so thi vu will ask if I want to also
import keywords after clicking ok all
the references are shown in your project
you can also see that any PDF files are
attached as well and that’s it all the
information from your reference manager
database is now in città V you might
want to check two other things though
where can you find your ref man ID it’s
down here at the bottom
città v one other thing you might want
to check our your author names sometimes
it can happen that you enter an author
quickly and only use the first initials
you may then end up with an entry for an
author with the initials and then one
with the full name you can clean this up
in città V by going to list and then
choosing persons and organizations here
I know this that I have two entries for
David Buckingham so I can merge those
two names and here I’ll merge the name
with the initial to the full name
all done if you want to continue working
on word documents created using the
reference manager added you can do so
this video will show you how you can
convert your documents to use with the
citta b-word added