Royce Da 5’9″ Says Drake Is Not Comparable to Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole

hey guys what’s going on for complex
news I’m Tamara dear Detroit rapper
Royce 259 is not new to this game as one
of the more visible ghost riders in rap
having penned lyrics for both Diddy and
dr. Dre he found himself surprised by
the public’s reaction when Meek Mill
announced that Drake uses a ghostwriter
in a recent interview with lat TV he
said for me to look and see the way that
everybody reacted to that that was
pretty fucking surprising you know what
I mean and it made me not care it made
me not care when I first heard about it
I was like what Drizzy Drizzy not
writing on sad because he’s so fucking
dope you know what i mean but after a
while after looking at it you know
looking back at it in retrospect it’s
just a newer way of creating it’s a
certain fulfillment that I get out of
writing myself but I do understand um
going out partying staying in tune to
what’s going on outside of the booth why
people are working in the studio then
you come back and you ain’t are the
whole shit you produce the whole song I
mean that’s that’s that’s still a beast
that’s a beastly as way of working royce
went on to explain that he knows to
differentiate between a lyricist and an
artist and as a result while he includes
Drake as one of the top performers of
this era he can’t feasibly compare him
to other rappers like kendrick lamar and
j Cole I’m not going to beg you to I’m
not going to compare you to rock him
I’ll call you the greatest of this error
you know and i won’t i won’t say that
you’re better than rock him and i won’t
say that you’re better than Kendrick and
I won’t say that you’re better than coal
as a lyricist for the rest of his
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