Rick Ross Says He’s „One of the Biggest“ Ghostwriters in the Game

coolers light born in the Rockies hey
guys what’s going on for complex news
I’m Tamara DHIA because of the Drake
Meek Mill beef ghost writing became a
hot-button topic this year and now Rick
Ross is opening up about his own
involvement in the controversial
practice while discussing the upcoming
release of his eighth studio album black
market Ross explained to Time magazine
that a track on the album aptly titled
ghost rider discusses his own work as a
ghost rider for other rappers I finally
wrote a record telling the way it feels
for me to be a ghost writer and not only
a ghost rider but one of the biggest in
the rap game because of my own personal
success I’ve been able to keep that in
the shadows on this record I just felt
it was so current it was needed ross
also explained why he believes it’s more
socially acceptable for some artists to
use ghost riders while others catch way
more heat from the public if you’re a
battle rapper on the block the MC battle
challenger not writing your rhymes could
really hurt you when you’re an artist
where maybe the focus is really the
talent and the different things you
bring to the game I believe it’s more
understandable I’m not speaking to
anybody in particular well let’s say for
instance if you as DMX and had a
ghostwriter it maybe change the
perception versus if you as will I am I
think that’s more about the music the
records ross also lightly touched on the
beef between MMG labelmates Meek Mill
and wale telling time that he felt the
responsibility as the head of the label
to play peacemaker it’s a responsibility
for any real dude who has a relationship
with two other dudes who may have a
misunderstanding if you understand
somewhat the situation and respectively
present something to both sides I think
that’s what you do that’s the news for
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