Quentin Miller: Drake\’s Alleged Ghostwriter

sup guys for complex news I’m jinx last
night Twitter went up in flames as Meek
Mill took to his account to get some
things off his chest in addition Aragon
has graced with people doubting him as
well as dissing Nicki Minaj’s ex
boyfriend safaree he called out Drake in
a series of tweets letting that he
employs a ghostwriter stop comparing
Drake to me too he don’t write his own
raps that’s why you ain’t tweet my album
because we found out the whole game no
for real they scared to tell the truth I
can’t wait to these guys sit back and I
could they don’t know can’t even write
that verse of my album if I would have
known I would have took it off my album
i dont trick my fans LOL i know a lot of
yall going to be sick but nothing they
can do upon wouldn’t sing week’s tweet
monologue og MACO shared a photo of
several of drake song liner notes
highlighting an artist named quinton
miller’s writing credits all this fake
is fuck me hating are these credits
clearly say Quinton Miller I’m sick you
gasp clowns og MACO tweet out his
justification for joining the combo
saying the only reason I spoke up so my
friend could finally get his credit but
he’d being a punk ass and won’t say a
word still truth meek apparently feeling
very confident with his accusations
followed up by also tweeting Quinton
Miller Kojima close manager Stephen
steve-o singhal then chimed in seemingly
alluding to more unknown information
let’s keep it a million did it ever
occur to you all that Quinn Miller wrote
on more than songs he got writer credits
for making him a ghostwriter now right
now the degree to which Miller
contributed to Drake’s work still up in
the air in the claims of him riding
Drake’s wraps are still alleged but we
should probably answer the question that
many people are asking who was Quinton
Miller Quinton Miller is an
atlanta-based rapper and producer who in
addition is standing as a solo artist is
a part of the rap group wedding crashers
two months ago we here at complex
premiered their video for combination
offer their latest tape entitled utd
infinity Miller is a well known name in
Atlanta with tots to artists like og
MACO and jurors among others as seen in
the rap genius screenshot og MACO
tweeted those association to Drake is
visible if you know what you’re looking
for his name appears throughout the
liner notes of Drake’s if you’re reading
this it’s too late several times he is
credited as a composer on legend 10
bands you know yourself no tellin used
to and six men also the initials qm can
be found in the second line at the
bottom section of the projects thank
this connection other members of OVO is
evident as well OVO ryan has previously
instagram photos of miller dating as far
back as 28 weeks ago like this one as
well as this one where he’s seen with
other members of OBO including Drake
partynextdoor follows him on Twitter
which may not seem like a big deal what
is up rocks reports prior to the last
few hours he had fewer than 2,000
followers one of them being
partynextdoor the folks over at Kanye
tether were hip to quit Miller months
ago and posted this photo of Miller with
the OVO squad and then there’s OVO a
house producer boy wonder who was
produced for Miller on his song
cinematic from his hey thanks a lot 2
mixtape found on his soundcloud page
beyond his soundcloud page motors online
footprint has been minimal with much of
his instagram posts and tweets and quite
possibly music removed allegedly around
the time that he became deeply involved
with the OVO crew this is something
common for members of OVO think
partynextdoor or magic jordan now
despite these clear connections to the
squad above the border none of this
confirms that he’s full-on writing raps
for drizzy the names to appear in the
composer credits don’t necessarily
confirm involvement as actual writers
that credit could be attributed to a
person who provided song references
helped to arrange lyrics crafted hooks
weighed in on a song in any capacity or
whose work service inspiration for the
final song that we heard and when it
comes to inspiration it was up Roxette
noticed some similarities in the sound
of drake’s delivery i’m music from if
you’re reading this it’s too late and
mothers kelly slate penn state have a
listen 97 like i wasn’t funny
you taste in women while I’m Cameron Q
now as of this report either Drake or
Quinton Miller has confirmed or denied
mix accusations remarked an OT macros
commentary or detailed their working
relationship and knowing how insulated
Drake keeps his operation I wouldn’t
expect that they would stay posted with
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