Propaganda: Ethics & the Media

it can happen to you
it can happen here
it is of importance of people are
educated today
propaganda is a form of strategic
communication that use any means to
accomplish its ends
propaganda is indifferent to the truth
truthfulness knowledge and understanding
propaganda propaganda propaganda
propaganda the compulsive sexting by the
husband of one of her closest day’s
events that he made about Mexicans have
we confirmed the information about where
these emails came from DVD believe that
Donald Trump is a great physical
condition that he’s overweight what’s he
doing to manage that how they were man
that you know what medication she’s on
claiming without evidence that she’s
been unfaithful to her husband that they
were kind of a boy talk
what happened in the election cycle what
happened to the media sixty-five percent
of registered voters so the campaign was
not focused on important policy debate
sixty-eight percent of registered voters
said the campaign was to negative 2
negative 2 negative 2 negative
majorities in both parties hold these
views propaganda is a form of
information that panders to our
insecurities and anxieties it can be
true partially true for blatantly false
nightly news broadcast coverage of
policy issues has decreased has
decreased as decreased the last three
election cycles we had two hundred and
twenty minutes of policy issues in 2008
114 minutes in 2012 and just 32 minutes
in 2016
what happened to integrity
what happened to the facts would happen
to the issues providing for veterans
climate change childcare rebuilding
infrastructure reducing health care
costs tax equity student debt and public
education ethical fading happens when we
focus so much on other factors like
winning ratings or profitability that we
lose sight of ethical issues altogether
moral mutinous is when we don’t speak up
about ethical issues are we talking ways
that make our moral beliefs unclear
moral myopia is when we focus so much on
other factors that are moral vision
becomes distorted and we become blind to
the moral dimensions of an issue ethical
leadership begins with us
never again it starts with me start with
me with me with me with me never again
starts with you educate yourself