Making Money Online: Working from Home as a Freelance Ghostwriter

hey everybody Andy here welcome back to
my channel I want to make this video for
a long time I actually made it a while
ago and like didn’t ever upload it
because I didn’t think I did a good job
on it okay so the topic for the video is
how I work from home a lot of people
have asked me about this over the years
not so much on youtube because I’m new
and I haven’t talked about it that much
on YouTube but unlike forums on reddit
on all kinds of places anybody anytime
really talk to anybody about what I do I
get questions about like how I got into
that so what I do is I am a freelance
ghost writer and that means basically i
write stuff for people who want to look
like they wrote it but couldn’t write
themselves for some reason either they
don’t have time or they’re not good
writers or they just don’t have an idea
what to write about for their blog or
something so they basically hire me to
write things and then sell the things
that i write them one time and I don’t
get to have my name on it or anything
that that’s why it’s called ghost
writing so pretty much when you google
something and you see those results come
up i would say nine times out of ten
that was written whatever you read and
those results was written by someone
like me so i write all kinds of
different things you know let’s see the
last thing I wrote was yesterday and
that was an article about six ways to
have a healthy mouth and the point of
this article i think was like affiliate
marketing i think somebody was going to
take this put it on their blog and then
basically sell links to like tooth
products like to to electric
toothbrushes and toothpaste and things
like that through amazon so that’s like
what they’re doing with that and it’s
pretty cool I feel very very blessed
have gotten into this it’s not like
great amazing money or anything and I’m
sure it could be better money but
because you know my main priority in
life is to be a fictional author and to
get books out and to hopefully
eventually sell enough books that I can
just do that because of that I don’t put
you know a ton of
time into my day job if that you know I
feel like I should put that out there
because I’m clearly not rich I mean if i
ever show more of my life it’s like
pretty obvious i’m not rich so I don’t
want to be like saying that I’m making
millions of dollars from this or like
how to I can’t really tell you how to
make millions of dollars soon as I think
that you possible to make quite a bit if
you’re really motivated and if this is
truly what you want to do not
necessarily even just ghost writing but
like freelance writing in general
freelance writing that’s not ghost
writing would be probably the avenue to
go down to make more money but um
because I devote so so so much time to
my novels and because both are writing
especially you know I have to be careful
about burnout and so because of that I
devote a few hours to work to making
money every day and then the rest of my
hours to working on my real dream so I
kind of keep myself in like starving
artists you know income level which is
maybe not the smartest thing ever but
I’ve never been like a big big on having
tons of money person I mean I am I would
love to have a luxurious life and
everything like that but I more care
about having the free time to do what I
want and this really allows me that you
know before I had this job you know
before I was it’s not like I quit
something like amazing career to do this
I was like cleaning houses is made
working in hotels is made working in
restaurants working in grocery stores as
a cashier like I had like shitty minimum
wage jobs before this so for me this was
a big step up when I actually made the
leap to start doing this full time or as
my only job so how did I get into it um
I started on a site called text broker
and i’ll link that down below it’s
basically just a job board it has
different levels so you apply with a
writing sample they judge your writing
sample and then they give you a level
which is 225 um most people start out at
a level 32 is like honestly like you’re
pretty crappy like I mean it’s that but
is true three is like in your mediocre
okay writer and floors like you’re a
decent writer and five is like the
highest you can go on the site you’re
like basically like a really good writer
and like I worked up to level five I
think in about two years of doing it and
but keep them
mind the first whole year of doing it i
was also cleaning houses still I wasn’t
doing a full time I was doing like one
or two articles a week on there and what
happens if after you do a bunch of
articles that the editors on text broker
rate you they judge all your articles
that you do or some of them they used to
judge all of them but they switch the
system so now they only judge a certain
one out of the most recent ones that you
do but and then they kind of re-evaluate
you every so often to see if you can go
up a level or down a level if you start
sucking you know they’ll knock you down
a level it’s hard to make a full time
income unlike anything other than a
level five just to give you just an
example of what I would make the article
i did yesterday it depends on the link
that they what they want and everything
that they want it but the article i did
yesterday about the ways to care for
your teeth earned me 50 bucks and you
know it took me like an hour and a half
hour it took me like an hour and a half
but you have to keep in mind i’m talking
to my friends while I’m writing I’m
watching TV like I do unkind of like
scattered type of person so I’m not
really focused if I if I was extremely
extremely focused I could do that in
less than an hour and when you think
about it like fifty dollars an hour or
even more is that’s like pretty good so
I would say I probably make between 31
let’s see I would say the most I
probably ever make could be like 50 an
hour the bottom like the more average I
Brian would make would be like 25-30 an
hour but you know keep in mind i’m not
doing this eight hours a day so while I
make really good money for what I put in
I don’t really make good money overall
because like I said I’m not devoting
that much time to it the it’s if you’re
very devoted in in smart about how you
do text brooker it’s definitely possible
to make a good living doing it but it’s
very competitive there’s sometimes not a
lot of work on there so most people need
to branch out into other area and
another place that I have found work in
the past that was good pain is a place
called problogger job boards and I’ll
also link that down below and you can go
on there and look and apply for jobs you
that’s how I’ve gotten some of the
things that I’ve added to my resume that
I’ve worked for I worked for a place
called coalition technologies in Los
Angeles for a long time and they are
really nice there’s definitely a
learning curve with like ghost writing
and especially with writing web copy in
general it takes time to figure out what
generally all the clients are looking
for and there is there does seem to be a
kind of general tone and feel and style
and format that most of these clients
are looking for because most of them are
doing blogs or they’re doing like web
articles with the purposes of like
inbound link marketing and stuff like
that and though they want those blogs to
all be a certain kind of you how do I
say but look for example they don’t they
all want very short paragraphs lists
bullet lists they don’t want like long
walls of text because it’s been proven
through studies and stuff that people
will not read that if they click open a
website they just see it’s a big wall of
text and it’s disorganized they’re not
going to bother they want to be able to
skim something get the information they
need to leave because our society is
very very very very low attention span
nowadays because of this the constant
exposure to stimuli in information all
the time so yeah I’m going to do more
videos about this in the future as far
as like details like what I want to do
is like specific tips for working on
text broker when I’m going to have to
like think about that a little bit more
and kind of start writing them down when
I think about them because the problem
is I’ll get like a tip in my mind but
then I like won’t write it down and then
if I sit down to make a video I’m just
like new but I just wanted to kind of
tell you guys how I got into working
from home that it is absolutely possible
to work from home I have been working
from home and supporting myself a
hundred percent self-employed only why
work online since 2012 i think maybe
2013 yeah definitely 2013 because
remember i moved houses in 2013 and i
was still working at my cleaning job at
that time so yeah sometime in 2013 i
quit all the way and i have been doing
that ever since and i feel so like
blessed that i get to do this
I mean I pretty much have no choice I
was always type of person that was
miserable miserable miserable at other
jobs I could do it but I have a lot of
health issues that are kind of off and
on and it’s often hard for me to like
tell when I’m going to be okay and it’s
very hard for me to stick to someone
else’s schedule like I need to be able
to just have a sick day if I need a sick
day and not have that like ruin anybody
else’s life like a manager or something
I would always have problems when I have
regular jobs i would always be depressed
i hated getting up really that’s another
thing I cannot deal with like having to
be on someone else’s sleep schedule like
I sleep when I want to sleep I get up
what I want to get up um you know it’s
like it’s a blessing it really is a
blessing you know it’s there’s hard
things about it but I’m going to save a
lot of that for my pros and cons of
being self-employed working from home
video that I want to do because there’s
definitely negatives about it just like
there’s anything there’s nothing that’s
just perfect you guys are everybody
would do it you know but the negatives
for me far far far don’t even compare to
the negatives of like working at a sore
or something like that like it’s so much
better for me especially because i’m a
very introverted person i don’t like to
have to deal with customers and stuff i
mean i have to deal with clients but
it’s all through email you know and it’s
i can kind of like deal with it if i
want to or not but you know if your
cashier at a store you have to deal with
clients or customers and they’re like
not that I hate people or anything but
I’m very introverted and when I kind of
go into introvert mode it’s really hard
for me to interact at all same thing I
was saying in my other video about how
it’s sometimes hard to do YouTube
because it’s hard for me to like you
know even sit down and like talk to the
camera sometimes feels like too much
interaction for me like it’s just it’s
hard it I don’t know I’m an outgoing
person but I’m a very introverted person
and it is possible to be both I kind of
wanted to make another video about that
at some point to you because I think
this might be an infj thing also where
it’s like I really am very outgoing and
talkative and I do like social
interaction but I need to be able to
shut it down completely when I need to
and I need to be able to go into my
introverted shell when I need to
and this job really allows that this is
like the best job for introverts I could
think probably exists that it is
something you guys can do if you do have
the skill and you do have the ability to
like self motivate yourself and organize
your own business because it is having a
business it’s a simple business you know
but it’s it is running your own business
you have to do things like figure out
your own taxes at the end of the year
and all that kind of stuff and keep
track of things that you need to keep
track of for you and Kate track of your
schedule keep track of your deadlines if
you think you have that in you to do
that would you probably do it’s not like
it’s that hard but if you do then you
know you might be good at this too and
it might be something you could do and
it might change your life so it’s like
it’s not you know millions of dollars
but if you’re working you know at a
fast-food restaurant right now and you
have writing talent could be a lot more
than you’re making now and it could be a
lot of a better life I mean I key I
don’t have my life you know all together
or anything but I do have the
self-esteem and confidence that comes
from having built somewhat of a
professional career for myself and you
know I have just the other day I posted
on Twitter like you know it’s really a
great feeling when you’ve built such a
career and have such a resume out there
that clients literally just come to you
clients who haven’t even spoken to you
personally and they’re like will you
write this for me and that happens to me
a lot actually and sometimes I even just
have to like ignore them because it
happened so much and I just can’t do
their thing right then or have to just
be like sorry you know like I’m not
available right now but it’s such a cool
feeling it took a while to get to that
point you know I’ve I’ve at this point
I’ve written over 1,500 articles for pay
and that doesn’t sound like that that
many but that’s a lot when you consider
like the fool I put a lot into every
article you know and it isn’t something
I just do like half-ass like every
article I turn in I want to really be my
best work and I really even though it’s
not my passion you know that the stuff
that I end up writing bad is like bail
bonds or insurance or you know mortgages
or something like that it’s very
interesting and every single day is like
a different day and you never know
what’s going to happen you never know
you’re going to get and sometimes it
doesn’t work out and you lose money or
someone doesn’t pay for something or
something happen
there’s definitely bad things like i
said but overall it’s very very fun
interesting creatively challenging
mentally challenging just exciting line
of work there’s gonna be another video
that’s the first in the series i’m
probably forgetting tons of should i
want to say but that is how i work from
home if you guys have any comments
questions just give me anything you can
give me that will give me more ideas for
material for like the next stuff i want
to talk about oh yeah this is getting
long as fuck it’s gonna take 17 hours to
upload so i’m gonna stop talking now but
yeah um thank you guys for watching
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