Lars Mielke – Social Media Manager, Allianz SE

there’s one thing that are always fared
quite well in my life and this is treat
everyone like you want to be treated
yourself even it’s if it’s the janitor
treat him with respect because he’s
doing his job as much as I’m doing my
job so treat everyone with the same
respect um not differently second thing
is be a little bit more attentive in
school dark thing be prepared to do
things differently or two let’s say I
have a plan B not always stick to your
first plan maybe the second plan is the
better one
large milk a social media manager for
allianz SE
the direct feedback that I get even if
its training or communicating with the
community you get direct feedback people
tell you if they like what you write or
if I don’t like what you write if they
like your content if they liked your
training or your approach if I would not
get feedback to what I do feedback to my
job I think that would be quite
difficult but getting direct feedback
really helps it makes your day shine
see aliens is an insurance company and
as an insurance company people give you
your trust and if they trust you they
expect a certain i think tone of voice
in social media many social media
managers have the freedom to be a little
bit chatty a little bit more relaxed for
a lien standards I think I’m quite
relaxed but I still have to maintain a
tone of voice where the people don’t say
Oh what is he doing so I think that’s a
little bit the restrictions you like
social media but you cannot talk as free
as you sometimes want it
aliens is the world’s largest financial
services provider and as a social media
manager for aliens my job is in one part
communication and as a second part
training so communication means I do
communicate with our customers with our
stakeholders all things about aliens our
investments for example when we buy new
wind parks or solar solar farms doing
investments in renewable energies this
is stuff that’s interesting for the
community outside so this is what I
communicate about I also talk to
customers if they have questions if they
have problems I try to solve those
problems by our social media second part
is about training I’m trying to do some
training for our social media manager
community inside aliens we are present
in 70 countries so we have quite a lot
of different subsidiaries and quite a
few social media managers around the
world so I do trainings for those people
explaining how to do their job better it
always starts with the checking what’s
going on in the community on our fan
pages on Twitter what the people are
talking about if there are questions to
aliens that I have to answer so that’s
the a1 typical workday second typical
work there would be maybe I’m on the
road somewhere going to a community
meeting meeting some aliens people
talking about social media preparing
presentations things like that so again
communication and training
i graduated in business administration
while i did my thesis for aliens my boss
asked me are you keen on some adventure
and this adventure turned out to be
doing communications in south korea so I
went to South Korea and finally stayed
there for five years came back in 2004
to Germany I did quite a few different
jobs within communications one was
research the other issue issues
management I was a chief editor of the
global internet for a while and well
finally I tried to drive social media
into the company and became social media
manager for aliens as a result
yes it would be possible but i highly
recommend to have something either
connected to economics so that you
understand what the business is about
what you are writing about or something
connected to communication so you
understand the communications ways a
little bit if a combination of that
works even better but I think the most
important thing is if you want to be in
the job of a social media manager you
should have some work experience in the
company because you need quite a big
network within the company if there are
questions from customers you need to
know who to ask maybe you have the
answer yourself because you you know it
already so let’s say four to five years
work experience in communications before
you go into social media is strongly
advisable I would say