InDesign to Internet – InDesign to Box!

hi everybody david dilling from
markzware and today we have something
very exciting to show you a way to take
your dtp files and get them into other
formats pi can get quarkxpress microsoft
publisher and in this demonstrations
case adobe indesign content right up to
box net your on-page zephyr too so here
we are on my macintosh inside pagezephyr
too and i can see all of the indexed
content that pagezephyr has index and
allows me to search and get a preview of
its and i can see all the texts stories
used and i get a preview of it over here
well you see up top here we have many
options we can go to wordpress or we can
go in this example from indesign content
right up to add some color so
it’s pretty neat you can get rid of old
legacy information and update it right
within pagezephyr indesign to box net is
as easy as a click via paid export to we add a title in flex phone say
i’ll share this document with others and
i select export and no pun intended
voila it’s that easy and let’s go see
how it looks on line see the name of the
file we just gave it and we see here how
awesome that content comes across which
was once a indesign file right to box
net via pagezephyr so here we can see
that the blue color comes over to
stylization the new text we added it’s
really really awesome extremely powerful
way to liberate your content which was
once bound up in this case an indesign
proprietary file format and with a click
or two of a button boom right up to box
net right up to the Internet thanks to
pagezephyr alright so that was our
demonstration today on page that for two
point oh how it can get your indesign
fine right to visit david
dilling from markzware signing off have
a great day