How to make more money as a Freelance Ghost Writer 2017 – FULL Case Study – Freelance Writer Jobs

welcome you here today because you’re a
ghost writer and you’re looking for help
and I have help for you my name is
Matthew Paula and I am the rapid growth
guy I want to share with you a story
today about Derrick Lewis a ghostwriter
client of mine that called me in October
of 2014 in 2013 he doing 27 thousand
dollars for the year in October of 2014
when he discovered an article that I
wrote about niche marketing in
entrepreneur he don’t twelve-thousand
dollars for the entire year scraping by
on little odd jobs five hundred dollars
here thousand dollars they’re really
just struggling to survive his wife was
looking at him saying you need to go out
and get a real job and he was so
grateful to the fact that she had health
insurance and a good job that paid the
bills but he struggled to contribute he
felt horrible that he couldn’t so every
little job allowed him to pay a bill
here and a bill there it wasn’t the
answer he was desperately scouring the
internet for a solution like so many of
us do when our business isn’t working
we’re wishing we’re hoping to find that
silver bullet that’s going to save our
business and eventually we all gravitate
to one and we have to hope spend money
and trust that it’s going to be the
answer for us now for many of us we find
the wrong solution and it just puts us
further in that hole we might speak to
an SEO specialist that maybe hasn’t
researched in 10 years about SEO but
still does it as a business and is
failing and struggling to find clients
himself though you wouldn’t tell you and
we trust them and then five months down
the track we’ve spent twenty-five
thousand dollars and had no result or we
may speak to a person that specializes
in podcasts and they talk to us about
how to launch a podcast next thing we
know we’ve got 100 episodes of podcast
and still no clients but now we’ve got a
full-time job doing something that we
didn’t even want to do in the first
place luckily enough Derek called me
instead and he came to me and said Matt
I have a ninja marketing problem I know
that there’s a market that’s willing and
can afford my services but I can’t
figure out what it is and I need your
help after talking to Derek for a short
period of time we disc
but very quickly that he had small
numbers of customers emailing him about
his services and emails would go up and
back up and back up and back until
eventually they asked one question you
guessed it it was price and then all of
a sudden the email trail would stop or
they would say I’m not really willing to
spend that much money could you just do
this element in this element in this
element my budget’s five hundred dollars
my budget’s a thousand dollars he would
get so frustrated and she made the
decision that what he was going to do
instead is he was going to put a price
on his website because after all he
didn’t want these people that were
wasting his time and we’re taking
several hours in email dialogue to
contact him all the time now the problem
got worse now he had no customers and I
said to Derek Derek what do you think
these people’s main problem are these
people want ghost writing services and
then I said to him Derek is it fair to
assume these people probably don’t write
like writing that much he said well yeah
I guess that’s fair and I said and
you’re trying to communicate with them
via email you’re trying to communicate
in this style that suits you not the
style that suits the customer so I
suggested to him did he do one simple
thing when somebody inquired he sent one
email and the email would read let’s
call the customer John John I’m so
excited that you reached out to me I
actually just looked at your website and
I’m ecstatic about the products and
services and the things that you do I
think it’s amazing I just worked with
the customer very similar to you and
they’re so ecstatic with the results so
I know we’re going to be an ideal fit
but what I love to do is I like to get
on a call just to make sure that we’re
going to have a great working
relationship because something as
personal as writing your book needs to
make sure we need to make sure that
we’re completely comfortable with each
other and then on top of that I need to
ask a few more questions just to make
sure that the price that I give you is
exactly around the scope of what you’re
looking for below is a link to my
scheduling app so that you can book into
with my calendar I look forward to
speaking to you soon cheers Derrick
Lewis as soon as their extent that email
his very first phone call resulted in a
forty thousand dollar sale within seven
weeks he made $80,000 with his second
sale and by the end of the year he’d
made a hundred and twenty thousand
dollars that was in less than four
months from picking up the phone and
contacting me now of course getting him
on the phone was only half of the job
the next thing that we had to do was get
them to understand the true value of
Derrick Lewis I mean realistically any
person that he spoke to were evaluating
the two thousand dollar ghost rider that
they saw on craigslist the person that
said they can write a book on
and all the other people that say they
are ghost writers because let’s face it
everybody says when they want to be a
ghost writer that there a ghost ride
they fit into this one specific box so
Derek needed them to understand the
difference between what he did and what
everyone did and we did that in two ways
the first is we needed to separate him
from everybody else we needed to look at
what made him uniquely different and
Derek have this unbelievable way of
taking a business person that had this
unbelievably complicated structure that
their business modality was in making it
simple and then structuring in a book
the twelve chapters so that when the
person put the book down they knew one
thing about that person that they were
the absolute authority on this specific
topic this one thing they were the go-to
person for so we called Derek the
authority architect once I gave that
name to Derek all of a sudden he started
telling me stories about as he was going
through school he actually almost became
an architect and how he really loved
design and how he breaks down and he
calls it the Franken draft where he
breaks down the whole person’s modality
into a simple structure so that when
he’s writing their chapters all of a
sudden people understand the true
that he provides every single person has
a different process based on different
experiences they’ve had different
upbringings different education we all
have our own unique process and we have
to label it and for Derek we labeled an
authority architecture but then we’ll
move speaking to the customer we have to
go one step further we could have told
him that we had this process and the
value it provides but then they have to
choose whether they believe us or not so
we need a sales process a series of
steps and the most powerful element of
that is the power of story see when I
tell you facts about my service and why
it’s so fantastic you can choose whether
to believe it or not and your logical
mind it’s been told a lot of things it’s
very quick to be critical and say no
that’s not the right thing or no that’s
not really true or I bet that’s you know
kind of embellished a little bit but the
emotional mind it loves stories and as
soon as it here’s a story it goes for
any time it just it wants to listen and
it will listen right through to the end
before it even really engages the
logical mind see the great thing about
the power of a story is it actually
short-circuits the logical mind as soon
as the emotional mind here’s a story the
logical mind it just switches off I mean
you think about it Goldilocks and the
three bears for us to believe that story
we have to believe that bears really
have beds in eat porridge but we don’t
think of those things we love the story
and we listen and we assume all of the
things in the story as fact and they
just sink in and it excites the customer
because people buy emotionally and then
they ratify logically so a great story
has all of the embedded logic in put
inside it specifically designed to tell
the customer that they need to buy off
you so when you get to the end of the
story the person is absolutely ecstatic
and they want to move forward but once
they agree to move forward then they
don’t wake up tomorrow go oh my gosh
what have I done they know exactly what
able and then
been with the fact that they’re moving
forward the next thing we did for
Derrick Lewis is we looked at his
pricing what he would do is he would
have these emails up and back and then
he would do these amazing custom quotes
massive proposals for these people to
explain I mean these people were
spending forty thousand dollars on a
ghost writing book well before he met me
they were spending 20 or hopefully at
least 20 but by the time we will finish
they were charging up to 75 thousand
dollars is what he’s charging right now
I mean last year he may just shy of 300
thousand dollars they would have know
exactly what they were getting so very
cold but it was incredibly valuable to
share all the details the technical
mumbo jumbo of the things that he was
going to do for them but you think about
it when you bought your last cell phone
did you really care about half the
things the person told you know you just
cared about the outcome and you probably
really enjoyed the commercial that
talked about the fact that really fancy
people are walking around with that
phone or when you bought your last
laptop you probably bought it because of
the way it made you feel not because of
the RAM and the hard drive and all the
different technicalities maybe you
needed enough space but that was an
outcome you were looking for if there it
got bogged down in all of her proposal
made a sense that he thought they had
about as opposed to what they actually
care what they actually cared about was
the value and they’d already heard that
they had a story so we didn’t need to go
into the technical details and we didn’t
need to break down the prices and we
didn’t need to really focus on all the
elements that people would didn’t want
to negotiate and say well i don’t really
need this bit i don’t really need this
bed and all of a sudden we start
negotiating down the price he had three
packages three simple packages the first
one was a very simple structure around
how to teach them how to write a ghost
written book themselves the second one
was that he would write the book for
them and he had this great structure and
how he did it he would coach them
through the process of really working
out how to simplify their modality and
the third one would have all of these
little other things like creating a
website for the book so that when it
launches it helps he would then help
them find a
very ancient all these different
elements that added huge extra value but
he had three packages and he said well
based on what I believe your needs are
if your budget is there I think we
should go for package to statistically
people will always more likely go for
package to and the higher item about ten
percent will and the lower item about
ten percent well if you have three
packages most people gravitate to items
who if you have a fixed quote peoples
natural inclinations is to actually
negotiate down the price I mean at the
end of the day we’re all looking for a
bargain and aren’t you sick of giving
people a bargain because that means that
you’re really are getting out the
quality of their work and you want to
provide great work because you want them
to be happy and you want them to don’t
want to tell everybody how amazing you
are these simple things crafting his
message that attracted his exact right
customer the technical business person
through a variety architecture the
pricing structure the storytelling and
the way of communicating absolutely
changed Derek’s business he went from
struggling to make 27,000 or 12,000 and
we going back to a full time job very
shortly to two weeks later forty
thousand seven weeks later 80,000 by the
end of the year 120 thousand dollars in
four months and by the end of the next
year just shy of 300,000 now I want to
tell you all of the details about how i
did this for Derek so I would love it if
you join me in the webinar that we have
upcoming but before we get to that I
want to show you a testimonial from
Derrick Lewis hear from him himself I
mean he’s going to share a story with
you about his experience and you guys as
storytellers so I hope you can
understand what I’ve just shared with
you is the story of Derrick Lewis and
how it applies directly to you so here
from Derrick Lewis hear what he has to
say and then come and join me in the
webinar I’d love to share with you more