How to Make Money as a Freelance Ghostwriter

hello and welcome you’re here because
you’re a ghost rider and like most
ghostwriters you’re struggling to find
clients and I want to share with you the
answers on how you can turn your entire
business around my name is matthew pod
and i am the rapid growth guy I know
what it’s like to be a ghost crab and I
know what it’s like to struggle to find
clients every single day earning his
savings struggling to survive constantly
writing copy on your website to try and
get people to come to you going to
networking events when as soon as you
say your ghostwriter people’s eyes glaze
over and seemed disinterested or maybe
they show some sort of interest and then
as soon as you start to talk about
things for some reason again they goes
over or they ask you how much you cost
as soon as you mention it they run for
the hills and you start to defend why
your valuable with people on craigslist
offering those writing services for two
thousand dollars to write an entire book
and you know the quality is horrible and
nothing like what you can provide that
you’re still struggling everyday to
convince people why don’t people
understand why don’t people get it
well I want to share with you a client
that I work with the story and the exact
details about how we turn this business
around how he went from struggling and
only making 27 thousand dollars in 2013
and in 2014 in october when he contacted
me had only made twelve-thousand dollars
writing five-hundred-dollar deals here
and thousand dollar deals there to
within two weeks of working together
making forty thousand dollars within
seven weeks 80,000 dots and by the end
of the year
a hundred and twenty thousand dollars
last year he may just shy of 300,000
volts used to struggle to get twenty
thousand dollars for a ghost written
now he charges 75 thousand dollars to do
so i want to share with you how we did
what simple things simple changes we
didn’t change anything about who he was
he didn’t have to become somebody else
we didn’t use any marketing that made
him feel disingenuous we just help him
find exactly who he was and allowed him
to share the gift that he was born to
provide i want to share all of the value
and all of the things that we did for
Derrick Lewis that changed his entire
life all I need you to do is click on
the link below and let me show you how i
look forward to seeing you in the next