How to Create an eBook Cover (Amazon Kindle) – Photoshop Tutorial

either this is our alexo from
prositetutorials and in this video I’m
going to explain how you can make a good
looking cover for your kindle ebook and
for this I’m going to use photoshop and
I recommend for you to already have some
basic understanding of both Photoshop
because I’m going straight to the point
I’m not going to waste time explaining
the very basics also I’m going to
explain what makes a good cover what are
that rivage that actually make a good
and attractive and taking cover and also
i’m going to show you where you can get
free images for recover and also a
profound for your cover so let’s get
and so now I’m going to show to you how
you can make good cover for your kindle
ebook or for any kind of people that you
want to publish out there when it comes
to covers there are three things that
are essential for you to have you can
have a good cover the first one is
having a good background image something
that has high quality that looks good
and this is in case you want to use a
background image for your ebook or not
if you don’t want one then you don’t
need to use it the other thing is to
have a good foul by this I mean a good
easy to read found that it’s clean that
looks professional that’s something that
I see time after time a lot of daughters
getting it wrong the abba title that is
really hard for people to easily read it
and the other thing is knowing how to
contrast the colors in your book you
want the other title that is contrasting
the background of your book so people
the bed will pop out and people just can
easily see it this is another thing that
a lot of people do also wrong so in this
case i went to amazon i chose the kindle
store and I chose yoga in yoga has my my
main topic for my book when I come see
yoga I don’t recommend for you to write
another book about yoga because yoga
even though it’s a very profitable niche
inside of Amazon people are selling
really well their books at the same time
it’s a very competitive niche there’s a
lot of popular authors within this niche
and you can easily see that just by
viewing the number of reviews that this
book’s have which is quite a lot I mean
419 reviews this is really a lot but you
want to go to your to your main topic of
your book and just see the other covers
that you can
find this in this listing you want to
make a cover that looks a bit different
from all other covers you don’t want to
have a similar cover okay this might be
having a different color for your
fountain different type of damage you
just want that cover that looks
different from all others because that
will help your book to sell better so
you can give just take it a small look
to this yoga covers I can tell you that
some covers over here don’t look that
good for example this one you can see
the this cover is not really ideal
because of the fount it’s quite hard for
you to to actually be this fun but of
course it’s certainly from a famous
author you can see that by the number of
reviews and by this I mean that this
other probably has a website or youtube
channel and basically he’s pushing
people from other sources they he’s
getting or she is getting traffic from
other services to their ebook and that’s
one of the reasons why they are selling
this this looks so well if you are
someone who has not famous instead of
your niche is something that you simply
cannot do this cover looks good discover
over here doesn’t really look that good
but it certainly is from a famous author
in this niche this cover is not that
good it’s quite hard for you to actually
read the title of this book this over
here seems quite a cheap cover not ideal
and this cover also is very hard for you
to actually read the data allows have to
remember that people go to this listing
and this are the thumbnails that they
see for the your ebook and you have to
have a cover that looks attractive a
cover that is attractive will get you
more clicks to your ebook and eventually
more sales and that’s something that of
course you
want to have and you can see what I’ve
just told you you have green background
over here and then you have the title is
also green and it’s just not contrasting
well with the with the background so
it’s quite hard for you to actually read
the title okay so you saw a few examples
over here now what I’m going to do is
I’m going to get an image so I’m going
to this website over here this website
is called pixabay calm and I really
enjoy using this website because you can
find plenty of free images that have
high quality and that you may use for
your ebook or for other purposes when it
comes to images i always recommend for
you to use images that have no copyright
because using image that has copyrights
i mean if your book is not selling well
it’s probably not a huge problem because
nobody really cares but if your book
start selling really well then you might
run into problems for examples your
competition may see that you have a
copyrighted image in your cover or even
the owner of that image and then they
may notify amazon and then your book
gets removed and you lose your money so
it’s something that you should always
avoid okay so you go to this website
pixabay calm and also you have the links
on the description from this video so
you can click on them and they nearly
jump to this website then you go to
overhear any right the images that you
want in this case I rudd yoga and you
can see that I I have over here plenty
of images related to yoga some of them
this one has good quality it’s pretty
good you could actually use this for a
cover for your yoga book you can see
that i have over here plenty of images
to choose from and actually the one that
i’m going to use later on is this one
ebook cover which already downloaded to
my computer but you can see that I have
plenty of images over here and also
several pages pages with images that I
can freely use without worrying much
about it so once you find the image that
you want to use you just select it and
over here you just do you click on this
button free download and then you choose
the sizes that you want if you want to
choose the the biggest size over here
which is this one you actually need to
register an account before the other
says is you don’t need to register an
account and you can easily download them
your computer now for you to get a free
felt for you recover you can go to this
website you can go to this website and
there are plenty of websites out there
are similar to this one where you can
find plenty of free balance that you can
use for your covers and this is the
front page of this this website it’s
1001 free fence com you can see that I
have plenty of options over here and
actually I wouldn’t I wouldn’t use any
of this options and the reason why I
wouldn’t use any of this option is
because this I mean this sounds may
actually look well on the cover of fury
book but when it goes to Amazon they are
quite hard for other people to read the
title of your book and also subtitled so
I would avoid any kind of sound like
this you want to always use the very
clean and straight it easy to read
sounds so you you might go throughout
the the categories over here until you
find the the stuff that you want to use
actually I’m going to check headline you
might might be able to find more easy to
response on this section over here you
have other fans that are a bit easier to
read so you might want to spend some
time over here
and once you find the funds that you
want to use you just download it to your
computer and then you just pass that
file to the bounce file that you have on
your on your computer and you just pass
that fell over there so we can start
using this sound family on your software
to edit your image so now let’s get to
photoshop so what I’m going to do in
Photoshop is my cover as already know
but it requires for you to have some
basic understanding of Photoshop and
also Photoshop is not a completely
actually it’s not a free option you have
other options that are completely free
such as give and other software’s
similar to this one however you can
always go to photoshop website and grab
a 30-day free trial and just see if you
actually like this out all right it’s
one of the software’s that I prefer to
use and for me it’s really easy for me
to use this suffers because i’ve been
using this software for many years so
now i’m just going to file and I’m going
to open the the file that I’m going to
use has my cover which is this one when
it comes to the the sizes that you can
use for your cover there are many
different sizes that you may want to use
besides that i’m using i’m going to
image and even want to write this down
on a sheet of paper or notepad image
size i’m using this one for with it 106
1650 pixels and height 2004 hundred
pixels this earther says that i’m using
and this cover is a bit a bit bigger
than the usual sizes for example if i go
over here to amazon the normal size is
commonly this cover size over here but
the one that i’m using is a bit larger
than this one and it’s just a matter of
and what I notice is since many people
use this has their cover I have one that
is a bit bigger and it seems to attract
more people to actually clicking and see
what my book is all about so going back
to the photoshop now the first thing i
want to do is simply put a line exactly
in the center you can go and use this
option over here but you can also go to
you can also go to view any select new
guy and over here you want to select
vertical and you want to put fifty
percent which is exactly in the center
fifty percent just like this and press
ok you can see that now i have a line
this allows me to easily center all of
my my test my images and so on i always
do this first this is the layer section
and at this moment I just have this
layer I’m going to open up the image
that I’m going to use for my cover so I
go to file and I press open it says the
image that I’m going to use is this one
and it’s the one that i got from pixel
but i’m going to open it up and it’s
exactly this image ok so the sizing it
over here is this one and the size of my
image is a bit too small to bit smaller
i’m going to increase a bit besides of
my image to let’s say two thousand and
two hundred pixels preserve details and
enlargements i can reserve the details
and i have a better quality image and
actually I’m going to increase the
vibrance of this image because I want
something that is I mean we’re vibrant
colors makes the image seem more
attractive that catches people I more
easily and i just get to image i select
adjustments I choose vibrance
and over here I’m going just to test
around and see what I want and you can
see that makes the colors more vibrant
pop out more easily just like this and
this makes the image more attractive and
I’m going to keep it this way a lot
about doing your cover is really about
testing around and seeing other covers
that you have over here or another
niches and seen the color of the covers
that you enjoy the most and basically
using them has basically has a template
to make your own one and that’s that’s a
good way for you to to do stuff so use
others has an example and then you try
to basically imitate them so now I have
this image what I’m going to do is I’m
going to select over here the arrow this
allows me to reposition my image and I
have this this is my my my cover layer
and I’m going to pass this image to this
layer in the back just by selecting it
and just dragging it to my back layer
the one in the back which is my cover
and still the image is way too small so
what I’m going to do is just increase
the sizing a bit so I’m going to select
one of this corners and all is by I’m
always holding my shift button this
allows me to increase the sizing if my
image in propulsion so I just use my
basically use my mouth to increase the
image until I have an image exactly what
the size that I want just like this and
I’m going to position this to the side
just like this actually I need to
increase it over here a bit and there
you go and once you increase see if you
have a good detailed image
doesn’t look lore because if it looks
blur than the the quality of you recover
just well looks poor and it’s something
that you always want to avoid okay so
now i’m going to write some tests over
here which will be first my title so i’m
going to select the t on my two in my
toolbox which allows me to write so now
i’m going to just click on my image just
like the affinia can see that it amelie
creates a new layer where i can read my
test you know what i’m going to do is
select the bounce that i want to use
that go to the top section and you can
see that ass plenty of different phone
so i already know the one that I want to
use is this one crying clean gotik heavy
so I’m get to use this has my title and
i’m just going to write in this case in
caps yoga when it comes to title
subtitles i always write everything in
caps because it’s easier for people to
read my tarot and also my subtitle and
actually I’m going to increase the
sizing a bit i’m going to select
everything going to the top section and
increase the sizing it bit to 450 pixels
and see how it looks like just like this
ok it looks good it’s easy for people to
read and i’m just going to leave this
color for now and later on I probably am
going to change this color now get to
cursor cursor and if you don’t have this
this window over here you just get to
window on the top section and you select
this option called cursor what I’m going
to do is actually I already have it but
what happens is you can stretch your
front of it not only it will be at one
hundred percent just like this and you
can increase stress your felt a bit
vertically and it gives this effect it’s
a bit and it looks better for a book
cover now i’m going to write my subtitle
so once again i’m going to select the t
on my toolbox and i’m going to write
once more something over here let’s say
i should i need to decrease it decreased
the sizing a bit because it’s way too
big let’s say to 80 pixels and see how
it looks like i’m going to write learn
to do yoga anywhere you go and actually
i’m going to pass this to the bottom
just like this and I’m going to align
this to the middle and see how it looks
like as I said once again a lot of this
is really testing things around and see
and see how it looks like and see if you
like it and I like to leave you either
leave everything in the center I mean
you you basically in line everything to
the center it’s like this okay you try
to line everything to the center and you
can do this something like that or you
put everything to the right side because
to the right side I mean to the left
side because people have the tendency of
reading from the left side to the right
side so by saying this you shouldn’t put
anything to the right side okay this
caches people attention more easily
people out of tendency of reading from
this side to the other okay I’m going to
leave everything this way actually I’m
going to put over here align so I can
Center things better like this yes it
looks good just like this and just going
to grab both players and try to position
them a bit on the top so people can see
this image more easily and now i’m just
going to write my name on the very
a so I’m going to select the tea and
just right over here jordan alexo cuz
i’m going to choose another front and
let’s try Franklin gotik Demi okay this
looks good and actually I’m going to try
the same thing for my subtitle and this
this fount is similar to the other one
but it’s just dinner and actually this
one I also has the stretch one hundred
and fifty percent and now i’m just going
to put addition this exactly in the
middle just like this okay if you are a
femoral south or what you normally do is
try to have your name appearing on the
top instead of the bottom and you try to
have a your name really bold and big so
people can see that it’s you but that
only happens if you are actually a
famous pop famous author inside of your
niche if you’re not famous then well
your name is just not that important and
you just put it below and your title
becomes far more important in this case
ok so now i’m going to try something
over here i’m going to put a black
background over here so my my South my
title and my subtitle just pops out more
and what I’m going to do is I’m going to
select on the tool box this this option
which is rectangular marquee tool and
I’m going to create a new layer by
pressing over here on this blank page
create a new layer and I’m just going to
select the area that I want which is
this one I’m going to select the bucket
on my toolbox and i’m going to select
black in this case so i’m going to pass
the black square to the front and i’m
just going to select over your ovary or
this area and you can see now i have a
black area over here
and i’m going to select everything and
now i’m going to pass my layer behind my
title just like this actually i’m going
to reposition this I have my error from
my tool box selected and I’m going to
reposition this and this makes my title
stand out a bit more and now i’m going
to create another layer actually i’m
going to put some decrease the opacity
over here let’s try 75% and just see how
it looks like actually it’s not very
noticeable but yeah i’m going to just
keep 75% or actually let’s try sixty
percent and see how it looks like yes in
my pocket over here it looks good and
now i’m going to duplicate this layer
just by selecting it open open up this
option using my left right mouse button
and just pressing duplicate layer
impressing ok you know i have another
layer which i’m going to put right below
over here where I have my subtitle I’m
going to decrease the size so it can
better just over here just like this and
reposition it and just see how it looks
like okay this is just an option and as
you can see this makes my title and also
subtitle just just look more it’s just
easier for people to read it you don’t
need to have this ok you don’t need to
have this if you don’t want to this is
just an example and i’m going to change
the color of yoga I want to make it look
more more enticing so I’m going to
select this layer which is yoga I’m
going to the select a small T over here
and I’m going to select another color
for myself let’s try red I typically
don’t like red for some reason when it
comes to to the for my covers let’s try
a yellow and a leather yellow and see
how it looks like green over here I
would not use green because the
background is already green and it
reduces the the contrast get even to
pink pink this is a book more indicated
for women up with use pink and calmly
there’s more women doing yoga than men
actually I’m going to X live yellow
yellow it’s easy to read and I’m just
going to press ok over here so that is
how you can do a very basic cover for
your ebook sometimes I mean I didn’t do
anything really complicated i really
need to test things around i give you
some ideas of how you can do this and
sometimes just having a more simple
cover is better than having something
that looks very complicated because I
mean this cover is very easy for people
to read what this book is all about and
also read this subtitle yes colors that
contrast well and also a high quality
image has its background so this is a
good cover you can try do other things
if you want but I guess you get an idea
now the only thing that you need to do
is go to file save has and in this case
I’m going to save it as a JPEG file and
press save I’m going to have massive
quality to this image press ok now once
you upload your book or if you already
have upload as your book you also need
to upload your cover in the kindle
bashford or you can upload your books
and so on so that is how you can make a
good looking cover for your kindle ebook
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