How to Become a Freelance Writer : How to Be a Ghostwriter

hi i’m rebecca sato with and we’ve been talking
about the different markets for writing
and we’ve mentioned copywriting which is
where you’re writing copy to celebrate
their service and now we’re talking like
ghost writing ghost rating is kind of a
paradox because it’s hard to be both a
sample portfolio of ghost writing that
you’ve done because you always goes
right under anonymous terms so let me
explain you know all these books out
there by really busy celebrities do you
really think that all of them took the
time to write a really great book in
between shooting three films and two TV
series well the truth is they probably
didn’t write it it was probably written
by a ghost writer who may have gotten
some input from the name on the book but
in some notes and such so may the
colonel the book might be from that
person but it’s the ghost writer that
does all of the actual writing the the
gritty the nitty-gritty that you know
sentence after sentence so what you have
to know is if you’re going to do close
writing which i think is a lot of fun
but you have to realize that it’s not
going to necessarily further your career
and you’re not necessarily going to get
any credit for it sometimes if you do
ghost writing you do actually get
partial credit and then it’s not really
like go shorty it’ll be the author’s
name with an your name and that’s nice
because then you can use as a sample in
the future but just be aware that go
starting can is it is a great thing to
do if you like to write novels and you
want to practice but you don’t have the
big name to sell it so it’s a good way
to get into the market into and to you
know learn how to improve your skills
and make some good money you know ghost
radiation pays quite well so that’s what
that’s all about and if that’s what
you’re doing then just you know it’s the
same as as anywhere else you can find
those Busch running projects like we
talked about earlier on those different
websites or writers market and different
things like that and a lot of a lot of
times it’s your word up now