Ghostwriters for Pharmaceutical Studies? Who Knew?

hi everyone i’m doctor janine bowring
and the formulator for vitatree
nutritionals you may have heard recently
in news as shocking information about
ghost writers for pharmaceutical
companies so what’s really talking about
this is that apparently some
pharmaceutical companies will hire a
ghostwriter or a so-called doctor to
write their clinical studies that prove
the efficacy of their drugs when in fact
it’s not the same doctor who has
actually taken part in the study whose
name is actually on that study so we
have always been chastised in the
natural health industry about the
efficacy of our products due to having
you know the proper placebo-controlled
wine double-blind studies done and when
now we’re finding out that even these
so-called you know great studies have
not always been written and been
undertaken by the right doctors and the
right types of people that are doing the
study so i encourage you to always do
your research again another example as
to why sometimes less is certainly more
and i encourage you to take a look at
our products one hundred percent natural
and pure whole food nutritional at
vitatree nutritionals www vitatree CA