General Education & Teaching Tips : What Is a Ghost Writer?

hi this is Laura Turner and today I’m
going to talk to you about what is a
ghost writer some people have heard of
the term ghost writer but never really
figure out what exactly it means the
easiest way for me to explain it to you
is actually by showing you an example
this book is called my life with
chaplain by aletta grey chaplain one of
his wives the wife that he particularly
did not get along with well enough to
include in his autobiography he actually
excluded her from his own autobiography
that he wrote this book was not written
by Lee degrade chaplain it was actually
written by mr. Gordon Cooper who is her
ghost writer because Lena grey chaplain
was not a writer but ley de Grey Chaplin
had a lot of interesting things to say
about Charlie Chaplin so she decided
that she needed to write a book about
him under her name but to actually have
a writer write it for her so this is
actually detailed my life with chaplain
an intimate memoir by Lita grey chaplain
with martin cooper and now we know you
know who actually wrote the book
sometimes you’ll pick up books by people
this woman was a celebrity in her time
by celebrities and they will often be
written by the celebrity with someone
else so a ghost writer is someone who
works with a writer in order to write a
book about what they would write about
if they were a writer so that in a
nutshell is what a ghost writer is