Funk Flex Leaks Track Proving Drake Uses a Ghostwriter

what’s up guys for complex news I’m
Emily Oberg
when Meek Mill tweeted that Drake
doesn’t write his own raps all hell
broke loose in the world of hip-hop and
social media week started it all by
writing stop comparing Drake to me too
you don’t write his own raps that’s why
ain’t we my album because we found out
not long after in a damn conversation
between Drake and hit men halt on
instagram the battle rapper told the
Toronto MC that he didn’t believe the
rumors and to keep killing it twitch
Drake responded with a few prank hen
emojis and the simple message I signed
up for greatness this comes with it
while many people questioned the
validity of Meeks comments and whether
or not he was just salty about Drake not
showing love for his new album it seems
as though meek is onto something on
Wednesday night hot 97 host Funkmaster
Flex leaked a reference track for
Drake’s 10 bands recorded by Quinton
Miller the Atlanta rapper that me
credited as Drake’s alleged ghostwriter
hey 10 bands 50 fans kind of bands
fucking man I’m trying to write through
the budget man on G niggaz sleep ain’t
chopping i’ma let her sleep when I get
it nigga recipe I can’t tell you how
happy I could tell you by the safe house
nights I’m calabasas I could tell you
not around unfortunately for all the
Drake believers Quentin’s first verse on
the minute and a half long song sounds
an awful lot like Drake’s verse on the
track we all know and love though the
second verse is not the same and there’s
a change in the chorus ten bears fifty
bears honey bears fucking man let’s just
not even discuss it man OMG nigga sleep
ain’t trippin I’m gonna let him sleep I
ain’t trippin let him rest in peace I
can tell you how happy I can tell you by
the slave house tonight siding calabash
today you had a rep when speaking on the
leak track Funk Flex said that he got it
from a legit source saying I got this
from someone in Drake’s camp they
reached out they saw me keeping it a
hundred on Instagram Flex was referring
to an Instagram post him earlier on
Wednesday where beneath a photo of
Drizzy he wrote we gonna get to the
bottom of this in case we forgot big Jay
nas Kendrick J Cole handle the pen if
you’re mentioned in that list you know
what that means
other radio TV and bloggers watch this
close if he writes themselves then he
deserves an apology if he doesn’t write
then he’s a fraud he went on to say that
if the rumors turn out to be true Drake
will still be considered a great record
maker just not a great lyricist flex
then use dr. Dre as an example of
someone who never wrote but who is
revered nonetheless there’s a place for
that type of rapper you don’t get
mentioned with the greatest so for
people who say it doesn’t matter you’re
wrong to a lyricist
it’s everything Drake’s longtime
producer Noah 40 Shebib defended his
friends process via Twitter while noting
that Miller is explicitly credited on if
you’re reading this it’s too late which
makes it hard to claim that Miller is a
ghost should be also said that Drake is
no less talented and hardworking no one
can question my involvement in Drake’s
career we have come a long way together
so let me start by putting something
into perspective account count the hours
that myself and Drake have spent writing
producing and recording music let’s just
say 5,000 hours I spent maybe 30 minutes
in a studio with cue nice enough guy
very talented if you’re asking if you
contributed too if you’re reading this
yes he did you can also see that by
reading the credits anyways I don’t work
with many people and there’s a reason no
one is as talented as Drake it’s not
worth my time I need someone who
understands songwriting on a higher
sometimes that skill is used to
recognize other great songs like in all
forms of music except rap along with a
slew of other tweets which you can read
on his Twitter page and then on
Wednesday night during her performance
in Virginia
Michelle Drake while also subtly dissing
him at the same time saying that while
Drake is still good he’s still going to
be the greatest set out the
according to flexes unidentified source
Strait currently has Miller on a
retainer for $5,000 per month no further
details have been released but if these
allegations turn out to be true make
just let the entire game by outing one
of the music industry’s biggest names
obviously not writing your own lyrics is
a huge faux pas in the world of rap but
who is meek to call them out for that I
think it’s a little petty and extreme to
expose someone who hasn’t even done
anything to you personally as far as we
know I’d advise me to grow up and worry
about himself not others isn’t going to
do much for you or your career and who
knows maybe rap is going to change to be
more like other styles of songwriting
and make room for more collaboration for
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