eBook Writing Made Simple: 10 Day eBook Review

hi this is a very quick review of the
10-day ebook from Nick doors I’ve had a
look at quite a few different things in
the past that claim you can write your
ebook in lightning time and most of them
are lacking something this one is very
very good it’s actually a complete
ten-day process starts off day one do
your research which makes sense
otherwise it’s pointless trying to write
an e-book on something no one’s likely
to buy data is an outline which actually
almost writes the book for you because
you’ll end up with 80 or more headings
at the end of day 2 and on day three
you’re right Matt each of those headings
and it’s a lot lot easier to write about
a small amount about each different one
than it is to just stare at the thing
and think I’ve got 60 pages to fill so
it’s a good system there and it makes
writing the book really easy fourth day
editing and again Nick gives you a
really good way of doing that any
paragraphs that are close to being
perfect you leave alone and either the
complete trash you throw in the trash
and then he tells you how to work on the
ones that fit in the middle that again
will cut your editing time down
enormously day five produce your ebook
in the book format to be honest you can
cheat on this one and just get a copy of
openoffice save your document to save as
PDF and you’re done or you can follow
next system which is a bit longer but
also works day six tells you how to
publish and go ahead and suggest which
of the different publishing formats you
can use they 7 goes about creating a
sales letter and that’s again where most
people stumble and again Nick gives you
lots of different ways of doing this and
littles of example sites you can
basically crib from one model they ate
you’re actually going to put your sales
page up on your website and then day 9
you start promoting your book it really
is as simple as that it’s a step-by-step
system and then they 10 covers getting
other people to sell it for you you can
read my full review at the link that’s
on the YouTube page here it’s at help
answer calm
forward / 10 that’s helped answer calm
for / 10 this is highly recommended
there’s a really really good chance that
you actually come up with this and the
books guaranteed anyway so if you follow
all the steps and you don’t manage to
some of the thing you go full refund
guarantee it’s it’s good it’s workable
it’s not rubbish it’s it’s really good
have a look at it