Drake Speaks On Ghostwriting, Quentin Miller Reference Tracks

what’s up guys for complex news I’m
Emily Oberg last night the fader
released its 100th issue featuring none
other than a six God himself it makes
sense of interview with journalists
leona faq the rapper talk is about his
upcoming album one that we’ve been
waiting on for what seems like forever
he also talks about his highly
publicized beef with Meek Mill and
finally addresses the ghost writing
rumors specifically involving Quinton
Miller this is the first in-depth
interview that jake has given since 2014
when he talked to Rolling Stone and
shortly after did now speak to magazines
altogether but with an apparent change
of heart Aubrey’s opened up for the
first time in a long time giving us
answers that we’ve all patiently been
waiting to hear for so long when asked
about his alleged reference track the
Toronto native explained I need
sometimes individuals to spark an idea
that I can take off running I don’t mind
Matt and those recordings there are what
they are and you can use your own
judgment on what they mean to you Drake
then discuss the overall controversy
saying if I have to be the vessel for
this conversation to be brought up god
forbid we start talking about writing in
references and who takes what from where
I’m ok with it being me as for the diss
tracks about Meek Mill Jake explained
why he felt the need to release them
this is a discussion about music and no
one’s putting forth any music nobody
told you that this was a bad idea to
engage in this and not have something
revealing that it was weighing heavy on
me I didn’t get it I didn’t get how
there was no strategy on the opposite
end I just didn’t understand I did
understand it because that’s just not
how we operate when speaking on the
reference track that put Meek Mill ins
grave Drake address this issue head on I
was like I’m gonna probably just finish
this and I know how to finish it adding
this has to literally become the song
that people want to hear every single
night and it’s going to be tough to
exist during the summer when everybody
wants to hear this song that isn’t
necessarily in your favor of course he
talked about his upcoming album to thing
that uses a comeback of him working
solely with Noah 40 Shebib his longtime
friend engineer and producer though he
didn’t give any details for a release
date he did save this I just wanted to
be able to come back to that and have it
be important you can read the cover
story in full on the fader calm for the
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