CTV News about the cancer treatment of Dr. Davidson

tonight we have a story about a
controversial treatment for cancer
invented by a Winnipeg doctor it’s not
new in fact dr. John Davidson used it on
hundreds of patients decades ago what is
new is that some 50 years after the
doctors death more than half a century
after his theories were dismissed as
quackery scientists are rekindling the
flame of his research with more on the
legendary cancer doctor here’s CTV’s
medical specialist avis Favreau
his name was John Ralston Davidson a
respected family doctor in Winnipeg in
the early 1900s a great scientist as
well as a great doctor and this is
Leslie gurney Bishop now 88 a journalist
who documented dr. Davidson’s
controversial treatment for cancer he
never claimed that it cured it but he
said it was arrested Davidson spent
years studying cancer writing medical
articles on his theories which in
hindsight were remarkable for his time
the doctor described cancer as a dietary
deficiency so he added generous amounts
of vitamins to the patient’s diet but he
also said it was critical to boost the
patient’s own defenses against cancer
Davidson took fertilized hens eggs just
nine days old and produced a powdered
extract which was then injected into
patients with various forms of terminal
cancer like this boy diagnosed with
lymphatic cancer notes show that with
surgery vitamins and the extract he
returned to normal health over the years
dr. Davidson treated hundreds of cancer
patients they all said the ones I
interview all said that it had benefited
them tremendously some said they were
cured Ruth Burke’s father was one of
Davidson’s more famous patients Harry
leader the Member of Parliament for
portage la prairie had been diagnosed
with terminal bowel cancer by the Mayo
Clinic in the US but under Davidson’s
treatment he improved it was
controversial a scientific way but that
really didn’t affect that he believed in
it but Davidson’s medical colleagues
thought the treatment was useless and
repeatedly refused him research money
it’s as though they’d been instructed by
somebody well just tear him up you know
just tear him up and they did frustrated
with the lack of support Harry leader
with his own good health as proof took
Davidson’s please for funding straight
to Ottawa in 1944 directly to Prime
Minister Mackenzie King
never wanted any publicity from this he
simply wanted help for this man whom he
felt could help humanity the Prime
Minister refused to fund Davidson’s work
the doctor died four years later he
would die a pretty well of a broken
heart if you know intervene because he
had not been recognized his cancer
treatment thought to have died with him
but then six years ago the treatment was
rediscovered by a Toronto company it
hired researchers at Dalhousie
University to test the theory could
these embryonic chicken cells really be
a cancer treatment research began there
was excitement Davidson’s extract in
many ways could be cancer vaccine in
three studies on mice the compound
apparently shrunk tumors we have to be
careful about raising people’s hopes
falsely Donathan bleh is one of the
researchers looking at dr. Davidson’s
extract Davidson’s extract in many ways
could be a cancer vaccine they could be
things in the extract that promote a
response against the cancer but then
suddenly the research stopped then
owners of the extract had financial
problems they stopped paying the
researchers Dalhousie was out some sixty
thousand dollars and halted the
experiments the university would be
interested in continuing the work
because the results were very promising
but for nearly five years now the
capsules have simply laid on the shelf
one could easily walk away from the heck
with it but would we be leaving behind
something that could potentially have
significant impact for large numbers of
people but if there are no takers soon
the venture will die a darn shame says
dr. bane because we still won’t have the
answer was dr. Davidson right but if dr.
Davidson extract does show the power to
combat cancer this could be not only one
of the great human victories in
overcoming disease but it could also be
one of great human tragedies a tragedy
because for the last 50 years a possible
cancer treatment and its pioneer were
forgotten Avis Favaro CTV
use Toronto