Creative Writing Tips for Students & Teachers : How to Write Your Writer\’s Biography

hi this is Laura Turner and today we’re
going to talk about how to write a riot
writers bio if you’re going to write
your your own bio for a publication or
for a newspaper or for an insert in a
program for a play that you’ve written
you’re going to want to give a little
information to buy yourself first so
start off by stating your place of birth
is a very good thing to start off with
and a little bit about how you came to
be a writer what you did before you
started writing and what interests you
about writing something good to start
off with secondly list your most
impressive accomplishments and credits
in order for most recent to the oldest
these can be publishing credits essays
lectures play productions anything that
is relevant to your life as a writer
anything that is also course impressive
to publish and finally state what you’re
doing now where you live and if you’re
if you’re comfortable with that of
course and give it a personal touch some
writers even list their significant
others and the names of their pets at
the end of their BIOS so try to make it
something that’s personal to you that
reveals a little bit about yourself and
that illustrates your most important
accomplishments through your
professional career