Booktube Discussion: Ghostwriting: Yae or Nay? #withcaptions

hey guys it’s Sarah obviously my hair
still straight sorry about that but
sometimes I like to film you know a lot
of videos at once anyway today I would
like to discuss ghost riding yay or nay
okay most of you have probably heard
about zoella the popular youtuber
publishing her debut novel online girl
and she broke all kinds of sales records
I think she broke JK Rowling’s sales
record and Dan Brown’s for the there I
think I was a debut like the first week
sales I don’t know something like that
anyway I was selling like a lot and it
recently just came out that she used a
ghostwriter now we don’t know to what
extent she is a ghost writer she said
that the story and the characters were
hers and she you know just had someone
helping her I think penguin has
confirmed that she didn’t write the book
by herself but a lot of the internet and
YouTube is in an uproar because a lot of
people were kind of irritated that she
even published a book and was doing so
well which i think is kind of immature
in itself but let’s just talk about goes
Reuters okay um I don’t know how many of
you really realize this but a lot of
authors published authors famous authors
sometimes use ghost writers a lot of
celebrities use ghost writers
politicians actors basically anyone who
doesn’t really have time were the skills
to actually write the whole book
themselves and I actually do some ghost
writing not obviously not for anyone
famous otherwise i would but i’ll pay a
lot more money
but yeah I have done some ghost writing
I’ve done I’ve done a lot of freelance
editing and I completely understand why
she might have used a ghostwriter on
something like this no do I understand
the frustration yes I mean it is
difficult I’m sure a lot of you have
there are writers and have been writing
for a long time and are maybe having
trouble getting published and then you
know this girl has like such a huge book
deal and sales and everything just
because she’s you know famous on youtube
so i understand why that might be
frustrating and then turns out you know
she didn’t even write it herself okay I
get that but at the same time she worked
really hard to get where she is as a you
know famous youtuber as a writer I don’t
think that you should compare yourself
to other writers or as an artist I don’t
think that you should be jealous of
other artists success because there’s
not like a finite number of readers
viewers an audience essentially you know
so it’s not like you’re competing with
each other really I mean just because I
read you know Harry Potter does it mean
I’m never going to read any other books
I think as artists that we should be
happy for each other’s success and
celebrate each other um now do I think
it would be nice if she gave the
ghostwriter more credit of you know
originally yes I do but I don’t really
think it’s that big of a deal but she
used a ghostwriter I haven’t read the
book um I’ve heard you know I’ve heard
that it’s a fun sort of contemporary why
is away I don’t know I don’t even know
that much about it but a lot of people
use ghost writers to help and that’s
pretty much all i have to say on the
subject let me know what you think down
below are you super mad that
you didn’t write her book um do you not
care you know what do you think let me
know be sure to subscribe if you like my
videos ah and I will see you guys next