Books by Youtubers

hello everybody today I’m kicking off my
books by youtubers review series with
girl online by zoe sugg AKA zoella now
before i get into the bulk of this video
i just want to quickly address the
controversy that’s been surrounding this
book because i know there’s a lot of
rumors flying around that this book was
gross written and not in fact written by
zoe sugg now my understanding of the
situation is that Zoe did in fact write
the book just with perhaps a little more
heavy-handed help from an editor then
might be the norm now if that bothers
you that’s fine but it doesn’t bother me
I really enjoyed this book and here’s
why now when I first bought this book I
was operating under the assumption that
it was young adult when in actuality
it’s more like middle grade and that’s
not in any way me saying that if you’re
over 14 you won’t enjoy this book just
that I want you to go into it knowing
that that’s kind of who it’s aimed at
because I know that when I first started
reading I was immediately worried that
it was going to be too too young to kind
of clawing for me I mean I love young
adult fiction as much as the next
emotionally stunted 21 year old but
sometimes the stuff that is aimed at
younger audiences can be a bit too much
but in the end I did really by myself
enjoying this book despite the fact that
they couldn’t really relate to the
characters I will say as well at this
review and also any other books by
youtubers reviews that I do will be
completely spoiler free I won’t tell you
anything you couldn’t glean from the
back cover that said the the twist if
you can call it that in this book is
intensely predictable but it’s more fun
if you just take let yourself be taken
along for the ride and don’t be worrying
about guessing or expecting what’s
coming up next so this book is basically
about 15 year on Brighton schoolgirl
penny as she starts writing on to the
alias girl online on a secret online
blog where she can confess things about
boys and school and relationships and
friendships and anxiety anything she
doesn’t feel like she can talk about in
real life she starts writing about on
this secret anonymous online blog which
starts get quite popular as well so she
has a lot of people to talk to except
that it’s anonymous then she goes on a
whirlwind journey to New York with her
family where she meets his gorgeous boy
he calls Noah and then starts
documenting her relationship with him on
this blog I really genuinely surprised
myself is just how much i did like this
book I powered through it incredibly
quickly and I think that’s because I
really did want to know what happened
next I care about penny I care about her
relationship with Noah and it kept me
turning the pages I mean I’m excited
that there’s going to be a sequel I’ll
definitely buy it because finishing this
book I was left with a sense of and then
what and I think that’s because it’s
because penny is so likeable and that
isn’t an easy thing to do when you have
this kind of typical teen girl
protagonist where she has to be you know
fifty percent awkward an embarrassment
to herself stressing out all the time
about everyone thinks but also fifty
percent seeing her from the outside
knowing she is she is lovely she’s kind
she is probably gorgeous and it was done
really well in this book to the point
where I believe that penny would be
embarrassed I I struggled through
situations with her but also I didn’t
struggle to believe that if she met a
gorgeous American boy on a trip that he
would like her just as much as she liked
him I really think that the strength of
this book is the author’s ability to
look back on being a teenager but
without too much objectivity because it
really does feel like it’s from this
very very subjective viewpoint of an
awkward teenage girl but also there’s
just enough authorial voice to kind of
have that idea that it isn’t the end of
the world it’s going to be okay you’re
not as terrible as you think you are I’m
not sure if I want to put this in the
video um but I just think it’s worth
talking about that the age gap in this
relationship because I’ve talked about
fictional age gaps before I mean it is
only three years but but he’s 18 and
she’s 15 and I think that’s certainly
questionable those are three very
formative years and I don’t know that
it’s appropriate for Trey that kind of
difference in physical and emotional
maturity in an idealized relationship
aimed at young teenagers and preteens
it’s questionable I just I just think
it’s worth noting that it’s certainly
questionable so in summary good phone
book do recommend I’m probably going to
be making more videos about books by
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that said I do
think next up will be this one right
here thanks for watching