Beat Making: How to Create Bassline on MPC Vol. 5

what’s up everybody welcome to the fifth
installment of how to create your own
baseline I got a special treat for y’all
I’m excited but before we get in today
today’s scale is going to be based off
the blue scale and it sounds like this
now this scales kind of sounds like the
minor pentatonic scale the only
difference is this not right now get
questions all the time what notes are
you hitting you know so let me just let
me just answer that right quick most of
these notes or skills I’ve been talking
about starting on C most up so this is
your note C and this is mainly the note
that i use for pad for but it doesn’t
have to be that because you can always
transpose or use another note if you
want to you can start right here you
want right here right here wherever but
this is just the scale I’m just showing
you guys the formula what I’m using once
okay guys if this is your first time
watching this video or something like
this video I would advise you to go back
and look at the previous videos like
maybe volume 1 volume 2 of the how to
create your baseline videos because
these blue stickers will explain what
that’s about okay so once again the
skill that I provided y’all was the blue
scale okay and that is represented by
these blue stickers I’m starting right
here but as you notice there’s also a
note down here which is the same as this
note up here just I could lower but my
starting position is right here and I
want this team which is C to be the key
of whatever sample that I’m doing or
whatever song i’m doing ok but it
doesn’t have to be see it could be any
note any note that you sample ok and
I’ll show you how to do that in previous
video so I’d advise you to just go go
look check them out ok now to the
surprise the treat what I’m working on
right now is another free mixtape which
is online right now and actually I’m
working on it so by the time this video
is put up it will be completed so and
the name of the video or the name of the
mixtape is called the wu-tang remix
chamber and this is one of the songs i’m
working on basically a bunch of routine
remixes produced by yours truly and that
is my gift y’all for supporting me and
just you know watching my videos i
support it and appreciate it so when
y’all listen to it write your comments
let me know what y’all think share it
like it whatever alright so
basically any combination of these notes
can make a nice baseline and let me say
it is too it doesn’t have to be just
these notes or just these blue stickers
you can add you know basically what I’m
saying is use your area it doesn’t have
to be these these blue stickers this is
just a guideline you know to start with
but like say you want to use some that
you like you know you can you can use
whatever is is really no rules it is
this is just a guideline a technique to
use and it really is up to you so you do
how have you please so here you go let’s
just let’s do it
one Sam Shaw to forgive me for my sins
been tore my knee clean do we ever be
clear that all they go paint the ways
and actors of me when I