Barbadian student Jacob talks about why he chose to study at Kingston University

hey guys my name is Jacob I’m 20 years
old from Barbados and my proudest
achievement is being able to wiggle my
eyebrows like this no not impressed ok
moving on I’m currently studying English
literature and creative writing at
Kingston normally and having absolute
blast with a the reason I chose Kingston
over other unions is because after doing
some research into my course i found
that Kingston was offering one of the
best for what I was looking for and
that’s definitely proven true aside from
the fact that Kingston itself is a
lovely area I mean we have the river
running right through town and I’m right
next door to Richmond Park which has
deer running around freaking deer which
is awesome um having come to Kingston
one of the things I can say I’ve really
enjoyed is the welcoming atmosphere
aside from the campus being a really
warm relaxing place to chill the people
themselves are really friendly and
really easy to talk to and I’ve
definitely met some really really
interesting people you made some solid
friendship since coming here which leads
into my top tip guys if you’re new to
unique get involved if you see any club
any society any sport that looks
interesting even remotely something that
you might have just wanted to try once
in your life then just sign up and do it
just do it you’re going to meet amazing
people and make friends for life and
have some brilliant times and just make
his men as many memories as you can guys
honestly like you’re only here for a
little while just do it also the
language scheme if you wanted to learn
another language sign up ASAP those
spots go fast um I think that’s it for
now I hope to see you guys around on
campus unless you want to see me wiggle
browse again No okay see you guys