6/8 Task Planning in Citavi

it can be difficult to keep untaek with
all the activities related to a research
project so how does pass planner gives
you an overview of all of your tasks you
can add tasks to single references by
clicking tasks and locations and then
choosing the task you want to add you
can also add task to multiple references
by selecting them and then adding a task
one task type that you should assign to
all new references is verified
bibliographic information to view all of
your tasks go to the task planner here
you can sort your tasks by due date and
if the due date has already passed or is
the current date it will appear in red
you can change your status as you go and
you can also filter by task type in the
advanced selection printing a task list
can be a good way to stay on track if
you order your tasks by location by
clicking in the location column header
you can then create a task list sorted
by call number four shelf number in your
library click task list and then click
print task list in the task planner you
can also create project tasks for larger
project goals and milestones this video
showed you how you can keep track of
your tasks using sopazi staff planner to
find out how to do even more with Fatah
be check out our other videos